Canadian Business Directory- Insights

The price of a domain is under $10 per year and hosting is under $40 for a year so hopefully you have $50 in your marketing budget. Then you’ll need to get a website made and you have a couple of options. You can use Elance to find a web designer for around $250 and up or just use WordPress, which most hosting companies can install for free.Visit Canadian Business Directory for more details.Related image

Building the website is the easy part, getting your local customer to find you on the Internet is the tough part as it takes a lot of SEO work to get your website to top of the major search engines.

This is where a Canadian or American business directory proves useful as they do all the work to get the high rankings and you just link your website into theirs and from there you get the leads that click on your website link. It takes time and money to get high search engine rankings so expect to pay anywhere from $25 per month and up for a listing in a Canada business directory that has enough traffic to produce sales. As the concept of a Canada business directory is a relatively new one you will need to compare what you get from each one for your advertising dollars. Here is an example of a Canada business directory that only allows recommended businesses to be listed. You can look in Google for American directories that are similar.

As with any marketing and advertising, you can’t put your whole budget into one avenue of customer acquisition as not all customers respond to the same marketing. You need to diversify into other areas such as newspaper ads and flyers in order to reach more and more of your target market. Always remember to test before committing to any large expenditure, as you need to determine what advertising works for your business.